Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hodgepodge of stuff

I have not had much access to the Internet this past month due to our remodel which is why I haven't posted anything and why I am posting a bunch of different things in this enjoy:o)
First things first...I know some of you have been itchin to see the prorgess of our remodel (Nancy:o)so here are a couple of pics...This is after 4 weeks of work and they should be done this week...hopefully! The floors came out so beautifully and we couldn't be happier with them...I also love my new bench and extended bar countertop. They also did a fabulous job on the built-in' took some time but definitely worth it:o)

Last week was the boys last day of school and below are some pictures of their awards ceremony and performance. Christopher was the leader that day as you can see him holding the flag.:o) I am so excited for school to be out and for a nice long break!

After school was out we headed north to Broken Bow for a little vacation since we had to be out of the house while they sand and stain the floors. I really cannot tell you how much fun the boys had roaming around the wooded hills outside our cabin. Between that and helping Brian make campfires they were in heaven! Oh and Caleb found a twenty dollar bill in the woods! He was so excited and has been carrying it in his pocket ever since.:o) This is the cabin we stayed in...see if you can find Christopher:o)

After a couple of days in Broken Bow we headed to Vernon to visit Brian's grandmother. Look at this sweet pic of her and Caitlin...

A few weeks back Caleb 'made' a nature museum in his fort in the backyard. It was cute. He posted a sign that said it cost a quarter to get in but he said family is free and everyone gets in for free on Sundays.:o)I'll end with Caitlin (of course:o) the boys school she had so much fun rolling around on the floor eating a cookie and then one day I caught her rummaging through my purse!