Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year we have a Greek Warrior (in honor of the Greek Mythology Caleb has been learning at school), a Storm Trooper (in honor of Christopher's favorite Legos) and the cutest little kitty cat you've ever seen:) (Thank you Hominy for the adorable skirt that goes with her costume)
Caitlin's class at school had a little Halloween party and, yes, she wore the kitty cat headband all day!

We went around the neighborhood with some friends; which is always more fun than goin alone:)
Caitlin havin fun twirlin her little skirt:)
Some sweet senior neighbors of ours thought it would be fun to wear a scary mask and it scared the bajeezies outta Caitlin! She came running toward me screaming. They felt so bad that they came and tracked us down as we were walking and gave her a little teddy bear. She said, "He's not scawy, he's nice." Hopefully, the teddy bear will keep her nightmares away!
We also got some homemade gingerbread cookies; which is a much better score than the toothpaste Brian got years ago in this same neighborhood when he was little:)
As I've been writing this I've heard her scream at least a dozen times, "Somebody's here! Somebody's here!" She's totally diggin this candy exchange!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A shout out to Brian

I am very proud of my husband. He just completed his first half marathon this past Sunday and he's still recovering. He will tell you he would rather sleep and watch TV when he's not working or playing with the kids so I know that training has been no easy thing for him. He has been getting up early in the mornings when it's dark out and has run all the way to the George Bush Tollway and back...and if you know where we live you know that is far!

I am not only proud of his self discipline but also because of why he wanted to run. We are mentoring some great kids that go to school in West Dallas (one sister and one brother) and the chances of them going to college is slim to none. We have talked about what we could do for Dajia and Trey in encouraging and helping with their higher education.

Then one day Brian came to me and told me he had an idea....which was to run marathons for the next 10 or so years raising money for their college. I thought, "Brilliant." So he signed up for a half marathon in Houston and started training. I honestly didn't know if he was actually going to go through with it. I knew his heart wanted to but he had setbacks with a hurt knee and a hurt achilles tendon but as the time came closer I could see that he was going to run this thing even if he had a broken arm!
The kids and I got to see him at the 11.5 mile marker and cheered him on....
If you'd like to donate to Dajia and Trey's college education you can do so on Brian's blog here.
And congratulations to Brian, Nancy and Jonathon for finishing!!!!!!

While in Houston we also celebrated my dad's birthday...

and connected with our roots at the Korean Festival:)...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

State Fair and American Girl

This past Tuesday we made our yearly trek to the Fair except this year we went in the afternoon and stayed until closing. Man, were we wiped out the next day. I could barely keep my eyes open the next day and my legs were throbbing. I feel so old.
We played games, fed animals, 'planted' food, 'milked' cows, rode some rides, met some friends; and of course, had some fried food. Caitlin went back and forth from an "I love this" look on her face to a "What the heck is going on here?" look. The rides and games were a bit much for her to take in but she loved going to the 'farm' and the barn. She did try a few games; but of course, never won anything but always walked away with something:) Caleb won a basketball and Christopher a light saber; which of course, he broke.

This weekend Brian took the boys to a father-son campout with our church to Mineral Wells while Caitlin and I had a 'girly' weekend:) I had been looking forward to this for a long time! We had lunch at American Girl with a friend and her daughter and they had so much fun playing with all the babies, dolls and accessories. They got to borrow dolls to eat lunch with which was so cute. At night she slept with me in my bed which was fun to do since she's never done that before....but hearing her smacking on her pacy at 5 in the morning was not so fun.:)