Thursday, March 31, 2011


God is so so good. I mean He is just SO GOOD. There was an extended period time in my life where I didn't believe that and there are still times even today where I have to choose to believe His Word. But oh my, to get to actually experience The Almighty! When evidence of His Mighty Hand is so vividly seen that all you are physically able to do is just worship! Yesterday was that day. I was talking on the phone with a friend who has been going through Mercy Street's training to become a mentor and she was excited to tell me that she got matched. I asked who it was wondering if I might now her...she pronounced the name 'Sha Keerah'. It didn't sound familiar and so I asked her what school and she said 'Carver'. I thought, 'Hmmm...that's odd because Watermark has started to partner with Carr elementary so all new mentors should recieve a mentee from Carr.' She double checked and sure enough it was Carver...the same school my mentee, Dajia goes to. It couldn't be Shakira could it? Dajia's best friend? But, no, it just couldn't. Her mom won't let her have one and I just saw her last week and surely she would have told me if her mom finally consented?? My friend told me what her last name was but it didn't help since I didn't know it. I told her I was going to find out so I made a phone call and by golly it is her!!!!!!!! I called my friend back, screaming, ecstatic telling her it is her, it is her!!! Tears formed in her eyes and she got goosebumps. She told me that it was my blog on Shakira that caused her to want to mentor. And now to know that she got this precious girl that her heart was aching for!!! I was just beside myself. I don't know if the angels and the heavens can see when our bodies are welled in holy laughter but I knew He was smiling at my discovery to His happenings. I have meditated many times on Psalm 37:23 "He delights in every detail of our lives." And I choose to believe it. BUT to see His Divine hand moving, happening, aligning. It is too much for my heart to intake. All I can respond with is 'thank you Lord for allowing me to see your goodness and for answering prayers for Shakira and allowing a friend to journey with me in this journey of mentoring.' That's all I can say but my heart and soul feel so much more and I know He knows...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picture Updates

So much has gone by since my last post! Since 'a picture is worth a thousand words', here is a recap via photos...

Caitlin's 3rd birthday party! She had a princess party where the girls did a craft, recieved makeovers and
were served brunch by the boys:)

We adopted sweet Molly after Floyd passed away and we couldn't have asked for a better dog. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. Such a great family dog. Caleb loves that she sleeps on his bed every night.

Caleb's basketball team was undefeated in the SVAA league and won first place in the playoff's. Way to go Hawks!!

Spring festivals are a big deal at the boys' school. And here we are at Caleb's 2nd grade Rome and Greek festival. Each kid had to present a one minute presentation and the festival concluded with lunch and games. Caleb did a great job presenting his presentation on weapons.

Christopher's first grade class had an Egyptian festival. Christopher's presentation was on Pharoah Menes. Each kid has to have a visual aid to show and we bought clay from Hobby Lobby and sculpted Menes's face and then painted it gold. It was very cool. Too bad Christopher forgot to show it when he presented.

The boys' have started taking tennis lessons at our nearby rec center. Caitlin, Molly and I enjoy hanging out watching:)

Caleb celebrated his 9th birthday in New Braunfels. He asked for a family birthday and a cheesecake. We delivered. Happy Birthday Caleb!

Our first time to swim during Spring Break! (The pool was heated so that helped:)

Bubbles in New Braunfels...

Brian and the boys, along with some help from a neighbor kid, raked up 34 bags of leaves. Whew!!!

We had a fun visit with Grammie and Papa where we went to the Arboretum, celebrated Betsy's birthday at Texas De Brazil and celebrated mine at Fireside Pies.

I love taking pictures at the Arboretum:)
Some things I decided not to capture on film, like when Caitlin decided to pull her pants down in the backyard and take a dump. She sure was proud of herself though.
What's next? Well I've started a tennis league and have a match today; which has been fun exercise. Brian has his Rock and Roll marathon tomorrow and Caleb and I are going on a special 'mommy-son' date to Canton next weekend. He is super excited! Me too!