Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's new...

Somehow I am finding less and less time to be on the computer so you'll have to forgive my sporadic postings:)
We've been busy with basketball games, school, homework, our small group and Re-Engage but here are some fun tidbits in the midst of that....

A few weeks back we had Dajia over for the first time and I was so excited. Mercy St advises us to wait at least 6 months until you invite your mentee into your home so I have been waiting on pins and needles. I picked her up at school on Saturday and she was jumping up and down with excitement that she was finally able to come over. It was a fun time. On the way home she introduced me to her radio station and so we blared it. I'm sure that for any onlooker it would've been pretty entertaining to watch a 31 year old Asian and a 9 year old black girl bouncin' to rap in a mini van:) I introduced her to some of our music and she pretty much giggled the whole time.:) She ran around the house with Caleb, jumped on the trampoline with the boys and we went to Caleb's basketball game where we shot hoops together and watched Caleb's game. She asked if she could stay longer or spend the night and I said sure but knew her mom was probably going to say no. Oh well. Her first time over was a lot of fun and we are all looking forward to more visits with her.
Watermark just celebrated 10 years and they went all out in celebrating which is typical Watermark, and I love it:) They turned the parking lot into a mini-state fair. They had tickets for drinks, peanuts, sausage on a stick, corn on the cob, funnel cakes, cornie dogs and; of course, cotton candy. There were pony rides, rock climbing and bounce houses galore! I'm sure you can guess that the kids had a blast. We did too but, unfortunately, I came home with a headache from the smoke in the firepits.
Last week some friends and I took our oldest to go serve dinner at Sequoyah's (Dajia's school) Science fair. I love watching my kids when they are in a position of serving. They rise up to the occasion and have this sense of responsibility and 'other-centerdness' that is neat to watch.

The boys are having fun playing basketball this season. Caleb has improved a lot and has been making baskets and lots of rebounds during his games. Their team, I think, is first or tied for first right now. Christopher is another story as I'm sure is of no surprise:) During one of his last games someone passed him the ball and he stared at it as it bounced off his shoulder. And when he finally got the ball he took off running down the court with it...not dribbling, just running. It is truly hilarious. Brian and I cry as we watch the videos.

Before I sign off here is a cute pic of the kiddos taking the bath together. They love taking baths together. When Caitlin sees that the boys are taking a bath she takes her clothes off and gets in with them and says,"Boo-Bath!"...which means "bubble bath":)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Before I start with Christmas I has to post this cute picture of Caitlin stuffing herself with pacies...
Well I am finally posting some pics from Christmas...I am becoming very lazy with the computer but better late than never.;)
We went to Houston to see my fam and the kids had such a great time. Caitlin has discovered the piano and loves to bang on it...music to my mother's ears:)
Caitlin playing with all her new furniture for her dollhouse...
Christopher learned how to ride a bike! He is so excited and we can't wait for family bike rides.Caleb enjoyed helping my dad prune his orange tree. There was hundreds and hundreds of oranges!Sweet Caleb made everyone one of these cards and snuck 'em in our stocking. So sweet.
Everyone on x-mas morning...

It was fun and it was crazy. I think my mom's favorite day is when the dogs spilled the pecan pie off of the counter, staining her white rug and then pooped in her foyer and then ate the fudge and beef jerky that was in my room which stained that carpet too.

Thanks mom and dad for having the 'tornado'...aka The Colecrew... come to your house for Christmas.:o)