Saturday, August 28, 2010

Christopher's Quotes 1

I thought about dedicating a blog just for all the wonderful and random things that come out of Christopher's mouth but, that's too much work for me, so he can tag along on mine. I will never be able to undestand how this boys' mind works. Out of nowhere he will just say the most randomest things. And if he's not saying something random he's bombarding you with questions. So Caleb asked Christopher today why he asks so many questions and Christopher said, I quote, "So I can control everybody." Wow. Well, at least he's honest.

On the way home from the pool today Christopher breaks the silence in the car (which he should win some kind of award for....I can just see him onstage....."Thank you thank you for this 'Breaking the Silence' award. I never thought I would win this, but one time, along time ago....and there's his segway into some long-winded speech, which he has not prepared for, but will no doubt keep you entertained.....or have you banging your head against the wall. I'm sure it would be the latter for my mom:)

Anyhow, so on the way home from the pool he randomly says, "You know what I'm going to ask God when I get to heaven?" And we all say in unison, "What Christopher" "I'm going to ask God why that one sheep ran away."

There's your thought-provoking question for the day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day of school

Well so far we're doing pretty good...I didn't forget the kids needed to be at school today and we all woke up on time. Score one for mom:)
Don't the kids look so studious???:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Highlights of Summer 2010

This summer has gone by way too fast. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing so I'll go with both. Good, since this heat is pretty brutal and I love that fall will be around the corner soon. And bad since I wish we would have been able to spend more time at the pool. Moving has taken up a good chunk of our summer but I am so thankful it happened when it did and not in the middle of the school year!

Last summer Brian and I were very intentional with the kids doing fun weekly family time where we would teach them some Truth that involved a creative activity. We were hoping to do the same this summer and I even purchased the second Heritage Builders Family Devotional but; unfortunately, we haven't been able to crack it open with the move. But, I'm OK with that given we were intentional in other areas.

The kids and I went to West Dallas a couple times a month to a friend's house who had put together a "summer school" for the neighborhood kiddos. The stellar women who spent countless hours brainstorming and preparing for each lesson did such a great job and Caleb and Christopher really enjoyed being a part of it. Christopher asked what we were doing this morning and I told him we were going to WD and he said, "Yay, I love that!":) Here is a picture of all the kiddos from this morning...

In the midst of moving we were still able to find some time to spend with Dajia and Treveon. She invited us to her birthday party; which was at a wave pool, and we were able to meet a lot of her family. While in the pool one of her cousins asked Trey if he had a mentor and he said no. (They aren't "officially" allowed to have a mentor until the fourth grade but Brian has told me he wants to be his mentor.) I asked Trey if he wanted Mr.Brian to be his mentor and his eyes lit up and he said, "Yeah!!" So he ran to Brian and said, "You my mentor!!!!" Brian smiled and said, "Oh yeah? Well you gotta get good grades OK?" So there's the start of a beautiful friendship.:)

A few weeks ago they spent the night at our house for the first time and I was surprised with how well it went. I was prepared for some kind of run-in with Trey and Christopher since that has happened before but the kids did great. We took them to dinner, the Karate Kid movie and then swimming the following day. It was pretty sweet putting them to bed. Dajia wanted her bed to look just like Caitlin's with the matching duvet cover and the quilt folded just like Caitlin's. It was cute. Here is a picture of all of them playing in the backyard...

We ended our summer with a great trip to Maine. It was a time of remembering and celebrating. We remembered Papa as his life was celebrated during his funeral in Portland and we also celebrated Leslie and Betsy's 40th Anniverary at The Samoset Resort. We were also there for the Redmond Reunion which was held at the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. It's called Worthley Pond but to me it's more like a lake than it is a pond. Here's a picture of the kids having fun at the Reunion....
While in Maine the kids went hunting for clams, hermit crabs, and raspberries and blueberries. Here's a picture of the boys hunting in the water and the girls hunting for berries...
The last two days in Maine we went to Pine Point beach where Brian went to regularly when he was a kid during the summer time. So I think he enjoyed reminiscing and being able to take his kids there but I probably spent more time sleeping in the hotel.:)

Unfortunately on the plane ride back home Caitlin had fever and had a hard time with her ears but she did fall asleep in my arms at one point which I savored.:) I can't believe school orientations start next week. But that's life. It moves fast. We are only here for just a little while so I am trying to do my best at enjoying the gifts God has given me while being intentional with the life He's given me. Hope you all are enjoying yours too:)