Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ballet, Graduation and Swim Meet

Caitlin has been taking ballet through Dancing Angels, which we have really enjoyed. Dancing Angels is a Christian Dance studio that teaches little girls how to glorify God in dancing. It is a very sweet studio. They pray to Jesus before each class and what's even more fun is that her teacher was a childhood friend of mine. She loves Ms. Elizabeth:) Here are snapshots of her end of the year 'recital'. Next year she will be old enough to have her recital in the SMU fun:)

Dajia graduated elementary school!! Below is her class singing "Climb every mountain". Gosh I can't believe it's already been two years and she will be in middle school...I know the tougher years are right around the corner and I'm glad we've been able to build a relationship before the hard years come. I gave her a silver jewelry box with her name engraved on it and she was super excited about it. Love her smile:)

This is the boys' first year of swim team and they have come along way since the first day of practice, which was only 5 days ago. They missed the first week of swim practice because of VBS so most of the kids already knew what was going on and what to expect. After the first day of practice Caleb and Christopher were both ready to quit. Caleb said he cried during practice because it was so hard. Usually I struggle with wanting to rescue him and protect him but, thankfully, not this time. In my head I was thinking,"Dude, there are 7 year old little girls out here doing what you're doing." Thankfully, what was in my head did not come out of my mouth:) I just encouraged him and told him to press on and that he'll probably really enjoy the swim meets.

I was proud of them. They finished a full week of practice with minimal complaining about the difficulty. (In their defense, I am incredibly impressed with all these little kids swimming 15 laps straight and treading water with their arms in the air. There's no way I could do that)

Today was their first swim meet and they did great!!! There were 3 teams competing and Caleb and Christopher both got second place in their division for the freestyle AND the backstroke! And then they each got first place in their division for the relay race. I was screamin it up as usual...settings like that are dangerous for me;) I was super proud of them to see their hard work pay off and they are so proud of their ribbons:)