Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In light of moving

A friend recently told me that moving is one of the most stressful things you can go through in life. We are in the thick of it with about 10% moved into the new house and about 50% packed up in our old we have a ways to go with a countdown of 5 days left.
I've had my moments where I have felt somewhat paralyzed over not sure how this will all be done but, amazingly, my heart has been at rest as I look back and have watched this unfold.
Hmmm...could it be that I am finally learning to walk in my God-given role and allowing Brian to lead us and make decisions as I trust him? Or could it be watching God's hand work out all the details in making this happen? It is definitely both of the above, along with the overwhelming Truth that in light of eternity this (moving) doesn't matter. I'll never forget Jay Jacob's sermon years ago when he said, "Your story is not about what happens to you, it's about how you respond to it."
God's Word tells me that as a follower of Christ I should expect hardships in this life. And not only that, but when I share in His sufferings I will know Him more. Phillipians 3:10 And that is my heart's desire. To know Him more.
Don't hear me wrong, I am not saying I have been suffering as we pack...well hmmm...maybe a little:) But it's been a great reminder to me about what truly matters while I'm briefly here on this earth. I'm learning that even in the midst of life changing circumstances, people are more important than what is happening inside my four walls.
This life is not about me. It is about the One who died for me. I don't always reflect that Truth in my attitude or in the way I respond to people but by God's overwhelming grace as I learn more about who He is and His love for me I will reflect Him all the more.

On to tackling the next 50%!!...