Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What we're praying about...

Brian and I are praying over moving to West Dallas...aka 'Da Hood'.
Why? Well, this excerpt from Gary Haugen's book sums it up pretty well....

"Indeed, there comes a time in the life of every believer and of every church where a voice inside us simply asks, Now what? After we have been introduced to Jesus and have found peace with God through him. After we have been following Christ and have gradually been surrenduring the compartments of our life to him. After we have asked him to redeem our past, to heal our wounds, to reconcile our marriages and safeguard our children. After we have asked him to purify our thought life, to sanctify our ambitions, to soften our hearts, to comfort us in tragedy, to lead us in wisdom through confusion at work, at home, and in our hearts. After He has filled our minds with the Scriptures, and taught us His Word, his songs, his ways and his love for us. After all that, there is a voice that remains and simply asks, Now what?
This is, I believe, a voice of divine restlessness. This is a voice of sacred discontent. This is the voice of a holy yearning for more. This is the moment in which we can see that all the work that God has been doing in our lives and in the life of the church is not an end in itself; rather, the work he has been doing in us is a powerful means to a grander purpose beyond ourselves.
This is the supernatural moment when the rescued enter into their divine destiny as rescuers.
This is the critical transition-where we who have been rescued by Christ come to understand that our rescue has not been simply for ourselves but for an even more exalted purpose. Indeed our own rescue is God's plan for rescuing the world that He loves."

How amazing it is that He has done every single one of those things my life! He has redeemed my past. He has healed my wounds. He has reconciled my marriage. He has purified my thought life. He has softened my heart, taught me His Word and shown me the depth of His love for me.
Then my heart cries how can we not take this love to a hurting community where the kids are suffering. Suffering from poor education, absent parents and from not knowing how much God fiercely loves them?

Yeah we know that in the eyes of the world this is a stupid financial move....selling a home that appreciates every year in a solid community to buying a home in the 11th poorest neighborhood in the country. But how freeing it is to know that that's not what it's about. Don't get me wrong, it can be scary at times completely trusting God with my life and with my family but when I remind myself of His Truth and remember what He has done for me I am covered in His peace.

So please pray for us as we venture unchartered waters....