Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Lotsa family, lotsa friends and lotsa celebratin!

We had a community group Christmas party where we began with the kids making Christmas ornaments...

Here is Caitlin with her ornament...

Then we had an appetizer and dessert spread...

Then we had our 'gift exchange'. Each child chose a gift on behalf of another child for someone in need. Caleb and Christopher each chose a pair of rabbits and Caitlin chose a pair of chickens through Gospel For Asia which will provide income for some folks across the world. Each kid drew a picture of what they picked, wrapped it up and got to open it up in front of everyone and share what they chose. Great job Tracey for walking the kiddos through Scripture explaining why they were doing that!

Then we went out caroling and blessed some folks with our voices and herd of children:)

We came back and warmed ourselves by fire and hot cocoa. What a fun night! Thanks Lakeys for hosting!

The following week we trekked down to Houston for Aunt Nancy's birthday. She's so happy because Caleb guessed she was 38 years old:)

Aunt Nancy and the kids...

Poor Nancy got about 10-15minutes of celebrating her birthday and then it was Christmas...

Caitlin modeling her new barrettes and her Thomas pj's; which were Christopher's when he was little. Isn't that sweet??

Drum roll...and then came the TREASURE HUNT! My dad made maps of the house, put X's on where treasuse is hiding and your off in search of a goldmine!

On the way home back to Dallas we stopped in Montgomery to visit Brian's grandma, Aunt Linda and cousins. Brian's parents were there visting too which was fun. We feasted, rolled ourselves back into the car and tried to keep our eyes open as we drove back to Dallas. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Different Kind of Christmas

We went to Robert and Janelle's today in Malakoff, TX to do Christmas with their family but instead of the typical exchange of presents we have started a new tradition. Janelle had the awesome idea to donate money or gifts to a ministry on behalf of the other family in lieu of a gift exchange. I thought it was genius and today was the start of a new tradition and I don't think anyone missed the old one!

On our behalf they purchased a pair of chickens and a pair of bunnies through 'Gospel for Asia' which will allow a poverty stricken family to provide income for their families. They also donated to Brian's 'worthrunningfor' ministry. How cool is that?!?! It's neat to know that instead of some random toy that will get tossed aside in a matter of weeks we are giving hope to someone across the country. I also love how we are cultivating in the kids' hearts to live out Matthew 25:40 which says, "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it for Me."
We shared with them about the Karen refugees from Burma that have fled religious persecution and are now living in Dallas; specifically Lake Highlands, where we used to live. They do not speak English, many don't have jobs and there are about 7 people living per apartment. Suffice to say, they are struggling just to provide for their families. Our kids' school are partnering with other churches to provide baskets of necessities for these families. So today the kids made Christmas cards to give them in their Christmas baskets. Here they are making the cards and how they turned out...
We also toured the new Cole Farm, played with their new kitty cats, chased after chickens, roasted marshmellows in a bonfire and had a great brunch. The kids loved it so much that we plan on dropping them off come May and picking them up sometime in August. I'm sure Robert adn Janelle won't mind:)