Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My little 'mini-me'...

So not only does she like to clean:o) but she also likes to get into the candy bowls!

I love this picture of her ...

And I finally got a non-blurry pic of all three of them...


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Caitlin likes to clean!!!

Well she's already following in her mama's footsteps!:o) Here she is cleaning Floyd and cleaning the windows...

Daddy having fun with Caitlin...

Caitlin is infatuated with the boys' legos...

This would have been such a cute pic of the kids if it wasn't blurry:o(

Friday, January 23, 2009


Caleb sure is keeping the tooth fairy busy!:o) This is the first one he pulled out all by himself...he was so proud!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Caleb and Christopher had their friends' Zachary and Dillon spend the night tonight. We made homemade pizzas and the boys had a lot of fun pounding their dough and making their own pizzas. They spent most of the day playing Mario Kart...thank you Aunt Nancy!!!!!!!! Believe it or not we had them in bed at 7:30 and they know all they can do is whisper or there will be consequences...we'll see....:o)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just some cute pics of Caitlin

The boys are at school today and Caitlin and I are just hanging out at home playing and I thought I'd take some pictures of her...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Caleb lost his fourth tooth tonight. He has been working on that thing like crazy lately! His friends have been losing their's left and right so it's fired him up to do the same. So he came up to Brian this afternoon and told him he wanted him to pull it out. So Brian twisted and turned it and Caleb said it hurt but wanted him to keep doing it nonetheless.
At one point, Brian said, "Are you sure you want me to take it out?" When Caleb said yes Brian was holding it out to him. Caleb didn't even know Brian already pulled it out! He is so excited and I've checked on him a couple times tonight and asked if the tooth fairy has come yet. He laughs and says, You're gonna put money under my pillow mommy!":o)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our first broken window

Well with 3 kids....2 of them being had to happen sometime right?:o) At least, that's what I keep telling myself to make me feel better:o)

The crazy thing is is that the boys weren't even doing anything. Caleb was standing on the bay window sill and out of nowhere kicked his foot through one of the panes. I was on the phone and when I heard the break I gasped and went over to him and he had a look of fear in his eyes and I have never heard him say over and over again so fast, "I'm sorry mommy, I'm sorry mommy." I just looked at him and said, "It's ok honey, I know it was an accident." And gave him a hug.

I am thankful that God is shaping me into a mommy that honors Him because I tell you there have been plenty of times before that I have not responded well to accidents. There was a quote that I read last year that convicted me to the core and I almost have it memorized.....

"When parents fail to minister grace to their children, to esteem and value them as precious for their own sakes, children absorb the shame of their inadequacies into their deepest image of themselves." Ouch.

Unfortunately, in the moment, I don't always respond the way I should but am thankful that those times are becoming less frequent.

Well, adding another house project to the never ending list!:o)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas is finally over!

After our 5th Christmas this weekend in Houston it's all over:o) The kids were not expecting any gifts since they already recieved some from their Hominy and grandaddy so they were so excited when Aunt Nancy showed up with a loot of Star Wars stuff!

While we were in Houston my dad and Brian took the boys to NASA where they had a special Star War you can imagine how thrilled the kids were!

This picture of my dad holding Christopher up and still in the picture is a classic!

Onto the New Year!.......

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Vacation part 3

Well we finally got home on Tuesday. We should have been home on Monday but we opted to give up our seats for $1200 in airfare vouchers, First class seats, 2 hotel rooms and $100. Brian and I are already planning our anniversary getaway!:o)

We were pretty sad when we landed at DFW and searched everywhere for our luggage of Chrsitmas gifts but couldn't find it. We were hopeless. We had given up on ever finding that bag. But when we got home there was a call from a policeman who said he had found it! And believe it or not it had been sitting in the Kalamazoo airport the whole time we were in Michigan! Yes Brian gets props for this because he was badgering all of us to go back to the airport, while we were in Michcigan, and check but we kept telling him not too...I mean surely they would call us if the bag was there since we left our phone numbers with them! Nope they didn't.

So we called his parents and told them it was at their airport and they went to go get it but when they got there they were told it was already on a flight back to Dallas! Apparently they were tracking our whereabouts and sent it back. SOOOOO, the bag arrived late Monday night and Brian picked it up Tuesday afternoon and I cannot tell you how excited the boys were! SO we had ANOTHER Christmas at home, take a look....

Off to Houston for another Christmas with my folks!....hopefully this trip will be free of sicknesses and lost luggage:o)