Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thanksgiving trees, pumpkins and snacks...

These are our "Thanks" and "Giving" trees this year. Last time we only made a "Thanks" tree but I got this idea from my friend, Tracey, and I love the idea. Starting Nov 1 until Thanksgiving each person will write down on the leaves what they are thankful for and that will go on the "Thanks" tree. On the "Giving" tree they will write down ways that they have served, helped or did something nice for someone else. I am looking forward to reading all of them come Thanksgiving:)

Today was pumpkin carving day! It's definitely a tradition for us and we all love doing it. Brian helps the boys carve while I roast the pumkin seeds. Gosh they are so good. I am a plain jane kinda girl and like my pumpkin seeds with just a little butter and salt. But every year Brian asks to do something different so this year I made him 'Honey and Spice Pumpkin Seeds'.

The ones on the left are plain jane and the ones on the right are the 'Honey and Spice' ones. I wasn't crazy about em at first but they really grew on me. Brian loved em. Here's the recipe if you're interested....

2C fresh pumpkin seeds

1T butter

2T brown sugar

2T honey

1/4t cinnamon

1/4t nutmeg

1/8t clove

1/8t ground black pepper

salt to taste

....toast pumpkin seeds in a pan with butter for 3-5 min. then mix in rest of ingredients. spread seeds on pan and bake in oven at 350 for 12-15 min.

And these Reese's Peanut Butter cup chocolate chip cookie bites were for fun and were sooo good. Brian ate 5:)

Here's the boys' final product and ready to be lit for tomorrow night...

The kids CAN'T WAIT to go trick or treating tomorrow. Caitlin will be an Aggie cheerleader, Christopher and Aggie football player and Caleb didn't want to go with the Aggie theme so he chose to be an Indian. Their dentist is going to give them $1 for every pound of candy they bring in....Caleb's excited to make some money:)

Happy Halloween!