Friday, February 27, 2009

Brian's request

Brian has requested that I post a picture of Caitlin each day so he can see his little girl while he's at work. Don't think I can swing that but will do my best! Here she is today...:o)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what else

but more pics of Caitlin?:o) Can you tell it is one of my favorite past times while the boys are in school?:o)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Caitlin's 1st Birthday!

Here is her first birthday cake...which obviously the theme was 'lollipops':o)
Here she is in her birthday dress...I was kinda nervous about sewing but real happy with the way it turned out. She looks adorable!
Here we are at Chuy's with family celebrating her birthday!
She was mesmerized by the candles and didn't know what to do with them...
She wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake either...
but she figured it out...
and went to town playing with it!
Then we went home and opened her presents...
Gramme and Papa got her this adorable little-ride-on-horsie that she loves...
and she is playing with a phone that Ms.Laura got her that came with her 'purse':o)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Visit to Houston and visit from Nancy

Man I am losing my steam on blogging!...but doing my best to continue posting recent pics. Last week we went to Houston for my mom's birthday...which was suppose to be a surprise but she found out! oh well, she was still excited to see the kiddos...

The boys love making 'houses' from my parents parents 'love' it too:o)

Aunt Nancy came to visit us this past weekend for Caitlin's birthday and to visit a friend. Both nights we watched reruns of The Cosby may sound lame but we had fun watching 'em:o)...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I love giving Caitlin a bath and watching her play and crawl around but today when I noticed something strange in the bath tub I was not loving the fact that it was poop! I won't lie. It was disgusting. Though I am a little surprised I haven't had this happen yet with my other two. It's gotta happen at least once to every mom I figure:o) What makes this even better is that my friend, Tracey, is coming over today and the rest of the week to use our bath since their water heater is broken. Tracey I promise I scrubbed it clean!:o)

Today the boys had doughnuts with daddy at their school and all the kids decorated a 'tie' for the dads to wear...Brian was thrilled:o)

Monday, February 2, 2009


Our friends, Jason and Rhonda Hillner were kind enough to have us all over to watch the Superbowl. David brought some yummy brisket. Jason smoked some smokin' ribs....and there was 7 layer dip, queso, spinach artichoke dip, lil smokies, brownies, cookies, veggies and dip and i know i'm forgetting more!...but it was all yummy yummy. And the kids had so much fun tearing apart the Hillners' home:o) Thanks again Hillners!

David is starting Caroline early...:o)
Laura and I were taking out Rhonda's 'dreads' from their trip to Antigua...

Caitlin having fun rocking in a little rockin chair...

This wasn't at the super bowl, but at our home, and she likes to crawl back and forth on the couch...too cute:o)

This is what Caitlin does to comfort herself....she sucks her pacy and smells her bunny's hands and feet. When I'm rocking her she likes to put the pacy in my mouth and puts the bunny's hands up to my nose for me to's gross and sweet at the same time:o)