Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I love giving Caitlin a bath and watching her play and crawl around but today when I noticed something strange in the bath tub I was not loving the fact that it was poop! I won't lie. It was disgusting. Though I am a little surprised I haven't had this happen yet with my other two. It's gotta happen at least once to every mom I figure:o) What makes this even better is that my friend, Tracey, is coming over today and the rest of the week to use our bath since their water heater is broken. Tracey I promise I scrubbed it clean!:o)

Today the boys had doughnuts with daddy at their school and all the kids decorated a 'tie' for the dads to wear...Brian was thrilled:o)

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CEO of the Cole Clan said...

Okay - so I am sure that ALL my kids did that - and a couple MANY times - so how did it only happen to you ONCE? What is up with that? Anyway, it is always a joy when you realize what it is and thenthe quick - okay out! out! out! The kdis never understand!