Thursday, February 10, 2011


Shakira is Dajia's best friend. When the teachers aren't paying attention she will come and eat lunch with us sometimes. (They have a rule that mentors can only eat lunch with their mentees) I've gotten to know her a little bit over the year and a half I've been mentoring Dajia and have been able to help the two girls reconcile through a rough patch in their friendship.
She is very different from Dajia. Not so much in personality but in the way she interacts. I see life in Dajia's spirit. She is dearly loved at home and has lots of extended family that cares for her. She goes to church every Sunday and you can see that she is delighted in from those who care for her. She smiles a lot, carries conversations well and enjoys her school and life.
Shakira hardly ever looks me in the eye. You'll see her often keep her head down even when you are talking with her. I've heard the statistic that 1 in 4 kids in West Dallas come from abusive homes and I'm concerned for her. I was able to drop the two of them off at her apartment a while back and she invited me in. It was very dark. No lights were on but there were 2 men on the couch who just looked at us as we walked in. She took me to her mother's room and her mother was half asleep lying in bed. It was the middle of the afternoon. She said hi to me but stayed in bed. I asked Shakira why she doesn't have a mentor and she said her mom won't let her. She said her mom doesn't want anyone in her business. I think about Shakira and pray for her when she comes to mind.
Before I headed out to Dajia's school today I scrounged up some of Caitlin's leftover Valentine's cards/lollipop's and set aside three. One to give to Dajia, her brother and Shakira. When I got to her school her friends told me that Dajia wasn't at school today so I gathered up my stuff to leave but then saw Shakira carrying her lunch to the table. I called out for her and she saw me and walked towards me with her head down. I gave her a hug, made some small talk and told her I had something for her. She never once looked up or said anything. I pulled out the Valentine and told her that I think about her often and that she is such a special girl and then I saw her smile. She still wasn't looking at me but I saw her smile.
I sure hope she reads the note on the back that I wrote her that says that she is loved by God, wonderfully made and a daughter of a King. I hope that God's love for her penetrates into her heart and she believes that she is so much more than what she thinks.


The Girtz Family said...

You're awesome and God may have you with D for that very reason:-).

Janelle said...

What a blessing to have you in that place to minister to this little girl! I know God will continue to use you in her life, you may be the only one telling her the truth!!

Leventhal Family said...

Hum...hard stuff! Thanks for stepping out to impact our community the way you have Lisa. You are touching lives and making a difference. Keep pressing on!