Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year we have a Greek Warrior (in honor of the Greek Mythology Caleb has been learning at school), a Storm Trooper (in honor of Christopher's favorite Legos) and the cutest little kitty cat you've ever seen:) (Thank you Hominy for the adorable skirt that goes with her costume)
Caitlin's class at school had a little Halloween party and, yes, she wore the kitty cat headband all day!

We went around the neighborhood with some friends; which is always more fun than goin alone:)
Caitlin havin fun twirlin her little skirt:)
Some sweet senior neighbors of ours thought it would be fun to wear a scary mask and it scared the bajeezies outta Caitlin! She came running toward me screaming. They felt so bad that they came and tracked us down as we were walking and gave her a little teddy bear. She said, "He's not scawy, he's nice." Hopefully, the teddy bear will keep her nightmares away!
We also got some homemade gingerbread cookies; which is a much better score than the toothpaste Brian got years ago in this same neighborhood when he was little:)
As I've been writing this I've heard her scream at least a dozen times, "Somebody's here! Somebody's here!" She's totally diggin this candy exchange!

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