Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The worst dinner ever

BEWARE! this has puking potential...

This was last night's dinner and I had to take a picture and share so you all can see the depths of our suffering:o)
Why am I blogging on it tonight you ask? Because we had it as leftovers too. Why suffer through this two nights in a row? Well, above my sink I have an index card that reads "Let nothing be wasted." John 6:12. I am pretty bad about wasting food so when I read that a few weeks ago it convicted me and so I have it in my kitchen to remind myself.
So yes, we had this awful concoction of macncheese, hotdogs, tomato soup, celery soup and velveeta cheese 2 nights in a row. I got it from a recipe book, which I have no idea why it sounded good at the time. It is called Hot Dog macaroni bake but I call it 'Crap in a can'.

I knew the boys didn't like it yesterday so I was waiting to see their reaction tonight when they saw me heating it up. Caleb very politely said, "oh i don't like that"..and that was it, i just started busting out laughing. I did promise them that I would never make it again...

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Janelle said...

That is simply TOO FUNNY!! I love it! I love Caleb's comment, and I love your attempt to not waste! I think I would have made an exception! Anyway, thanks for the laugh for Robert & me!!