Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Christopher!

Today is Christopher's birthday but we celebrated yesterday with an awesome knight party. When the kids arrived we decorated crowns and shields and then we played a 'catch the dragon's tail game' and had a relay race that involved throwing wet sponges at a dragon that Brian painted on a sheet 30min prior to the party...that's my Brian:o) The dragon did come out pretty cool....
We then had cake and icecream and, I too, waited till the last minute to do his cake and was up until midnight the night before finishing his castle cake. I was tired and he was happy:o)

After cake and icecream we divided back up into teams and had a Q&A 'Jeopardy' game about the armor of God. Thankfully the teams tied and everyone got prizes:o) Brian then had the boys line up and had a knighting ceremony. He asked the boys to agree to the knight's vow, knighted each one and handed out each kid's crown, shield and sword. I think the boys thought this was pretty cool.

The party ended with a fierce battle! Believe it or not noone got hurt!

Thirty minuted later we were off to Mediveal Times to continue our celebration. The tournament and battle is what captivated Christopher the most. He asked if they knights really died.:o)

We came home and were exhausted, but thankful it turned out to be a successful day of celebrating:o) And the celebration continues today with Christopher's actual birthday and Father's Day. Fuddruckers has been requested:o) And a big thank you to my mom, dad and Nancy who came and helped this weekend. Thank you!

oh and OUR DADDY ROCKS! Happy Father's Day Brian! and Happy Father's Day Dad and Leslie!

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