Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too much Testosterone!!!!!!

We usually play with school friends after school and today I've got 6 boys over here! Good thing the weather is good so I can lock them outside:o)
While Caleb is at school for electives on Friday Christopher usually has playdates and here is a picture of them dressed up as army men...
On another note, why does women's brains turn to mush after we have kids?? I am slowly...I take that back...I am QUICKLY losing my memory!!!! I wanted to crawl into a hole when Christopher's teacher called this afternoon telling me that Caleb and Christopher didn't have lunches today. I've got it right on the calendar but for some reason I had in my mind today was pizza day at school...well it wasn't:o) I didn't have time to make lunches so I raced and picked up McD's and of course they thought that was way cool.:o)

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Jessica said...

LOVE it! testosterone--bring it on! btw, i had to look at your title to make sure i spelled it correctly. ha!